Monday, September 24, 2007

Treasure Island music festival, day one.

A couple weeks ago, Gabe and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the first ever Treasure Island music festival in San Francisco. It was an amazing two day event, and I got a photo pass, which means I got to go in the photo pit for every band and take as many pictures as I wanted! It was awesome, except for the fact that there were no less than fifty competitive photographers in the pit at a time, all battling for the best shot. It was really a learning experience, and I think I might hate professional photographers now (which is funny, cause sometimes I am one). Anyway, here are the best shots from the first day, which was all about electronic and hip hop music.

These are just some freaky dudes who were wandering through the crowds to entertain between bands.

First crowd shot of the weekend.
M.I.A. !!!!! I love her. I think her first album was my favorite record of that year, and her second ain't so bad either. I was sooooo stoked!

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. They had this plexiglass barrier up to block the wind (so the records didn't skip) that was driving all the photographers crazy.

The Gotan Project. Oh my god, they are so pretty. And their music is so good. I took the best photos all weekend of them.

I'll post day two (indie rock galore!) soon.