Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ikea: Baby Wonderland!

Here are some photos from a recent family outing to Ikea. Lena enjoyed herself immensely trying out all the furniture, toys, baby food in the cafeteria, etc. I never realized what a baby friendly place Ikea was until I had a baby!
Lena models some different chairs for us.

Some curtains we considered for her bedroom.
Baby in a bucket of Ikea bags.
Baby doesn't like the bucket of stuffed dogs.
We bought her an abacus.
Baby loves the rocking horse.
Feeling pensive after her meal of mashed carrots.
After Ikea we visited our friends Nick and Lisa, who have a dog named Pixel that Lena was very smitten with.
Nick and Lisa's house has almost a complete wall of windows in their living room and the light was so beautiful.
Lisa bought this funny yarn beard as a joke for Nick and I made Gabe try it on. So awesome!