Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All dressed up for a celebration dinner...

This year for our wedding anniversary, Gabe and I went to an A's vs. Giants game. We have had a long running, if good natured, argument over which is the better team. When we first started dating I realized that I was going to have to find a way to live with his love of baseball (never having been a sports fan of any kind myself). Being an argumentative person by nature, I decided to root for the other bay area team, the Oakland Athletics. What started out as a way to make fun of him actually ended up turning me into a baseball fan. While I'll never be the kind of fan who watches every game and keeps track of stats and stuff, I do enjoy the super expensive beer and veggies dogs, and just being out with all those people, rooting for our team.

Anyway, the morning of the game, Gabe cashed in the bucket of change we keep by our bed. We have been putting change in it for maybe two years (it's a big bucket), and it turned out to be $150! A bet for who was going to get to blow the money was in order, of course. A's win=Liz gets a pretty new dress she saw advertised in the paper that morning. Giants win=Liz sits on the floor in the corner at Amoeba Records while Gabe spends hours browsing the Jazz LPs section. Needless to say, the A's won (you know, cause the Giants SUCK), and we went straight to the union square Macy's to purchase my prize.

This was in June, and I haven't yet had the chance to wear the dress, so we decided a celebratory dinner was in order. Gabe just got promoted to a staff writer/music editor position at the Bohemian, plus July 22nd marks five years since he quit drinking (I am still so proud of him). Of course I made him pose for some portraits before we went out:

We had a lovely evening.

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john said...

Great post! Great pictures! Not really fair that Gabe gets stuck with the Giants. Oh yeah, great dress!