Monday, June 2, 2008

Mother's Day

Sorry I've been gone for so long! I've been taking some classes and work has been crazy, and, well, you know the story. I've just been really busy! Here are some photos from mother's day last month. The whole family got together and took my mom to lunch and spent a few hours wandering and shopping. It was a lovely day.

I know it was mother's day, but of course it is always all about the kids. They are so adorable. This is Tristan, Dale, and Elaine (Tristan and Dale are my sister's children, Elaine is my brother's girlfriend's granddaughter.)

We had lunch at Grafitti in Petaluma. Elaine wasn't feeling great so wanted my brother to hold her all the time. She is so beautiful even when she is sick!
My brother in law, James, looking dapper as usual.
After lunch we walked around downtown Petaluma, window shopping mostly. Tristan doesn't like having his picture taken, so I had to do the "make a funny face" thing to get him to submit. Grandma got in on the fun too.

Once a horse girl, always a horse girl.
Look at my sister's crazy long hair! So pretty. That's my brother Jason in the background, still holding Elaine.
Dale and Star don't mind posing for photos.

We met a puppy outside an antique store. Of course Gabe had to make friends.

And then the bassett hound inside.
Haha. Self portrait.
I love this photo of Dale in the antique store. Sooo adorable.
Then of course I spent quite a bit of time taking pictures of knick knacks in the store. I can't help myself.

What a fabulous day! I really love it when my whole family gets together. I'll post more soon. I promise.

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