Thursday, June 5, 2008

Misty at the Fountaingrove Winery

These are some photos I took almost two months ago for the cover of the North Bay Bohemian (the paper Gabe writes for). He wrote an article about "urban exploration" (which just means hanging out in abandoned buildings). I did a really fun shoot with my friend Misty Green at the Fountaingrove Winery and I think the photos turned out great!

This is the one they chose for the cover.

Misty is a hairstylist (lucky for me!) so she did her hair super fancy/film noiresque.

I had to shoot the pictures in the morning and turn them in the same afternoon so of course I had to use digital, but I took a few with film just for fun. I can't help still loving film so much. The photos just look so, I don't know, velvety.

I hope I have more reason to photograph Misty in the future. She was such a trooper, and beautiful to boot.

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becky said...

these pictures are beautiful liz. i hope you saved a copy of the paper for your out-of-town friends to see...