Wednesday, September 3, 2008

London! The rest of day three and day four!

I am cramming a lot in, I realize, but in my heart I have already moved on to France, so I needed to get London finished. After the tower of London we hopped on the Underground.
And went to Leicester Square (the heart of the theater district) to purchase tickets to a play later that night. I found Jude Law and Sienna Miller's hand prints next to each other in the street (which I found amusing cause they used to be married and now are bitterly divorced).
Just amusing myself while waiting in line for tickets.

And then to lunch at this fabulous and cheap vegetarian restaurant (I think it was called Food For Thought).
And then off to Covent Garden, an area filled with street performers.

On to Trafalger Square, which I am told used to be overrun with pigeons. I have to admit I am sorry that it is not anymore. We also went into the National Gallery, which is filled with many, many famous and beautiful paintings.

As a clash fan I couldn't help snapping this photo as we walked by.
Back to the hotel for a nap and some useless, silly photos of ourselves.

And out again for dinner and play.
We went to eat at a place called "Beet Root" (another delicious and cheap vegetarian place. I love London for the food). It was located smack in the middle of the highest concentration of sex shops in London. This is one of my favorites photos from the trip.
Another record shop, of course.
And on to the play. We saw The 39 Steps, and it was fabulous! It was funny, and creative, and very british. The perfect play to see on our trip.
The theater was very pretty inside and I kept snapping photos until one of the ushers told me I had to put my camera away.

London at night.

The next morning we had a few hours before we had to catch our flight so we went to Harrod's, which might be the largest department store in the world. It occupies a 4.5-acre site and has over one million square feet of selling space in over 330 departments. It's dizzying, really. There were signs everywhere inside that said "no photos please", but you know me. We got there before it was open so I just walked around taking pictures for a while.

One of their display windows.

And then back on the Underground to the hotel, quick packing, train to the airport, and off to France! Doesn't he look ready for some sunshine and brie?

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