Wednesday, October 1, 2008

France day three

Day three was the most adventurous day of our time in France. Gabe, Sari, Dre, Qiana and I woke up super early and drove to a nearby train station to catch "La Petite Train" to Nice! Here is Gabe sitting on the bench at the train stop. It was rustic, for sure.

The train was truly petite, consisting of only two cars. It wound through the most amazing mountain landscape for three hours. I was in awe the whole time.

When we got to Nice we immediately went to another station where we could take a twenty minute train ride to Monaco! I still can't believe I went to Monaco. For some reason Monte Carlo has always seemed like a place that normal people like me are not allowed to go to.

Here is the marble hall in the Monte Carlo train station. Marble halls!

They had some sort of street fair going on which included a swimming pool and a big water ride!

Nice to know they are prepared for people having a heart attack over the fanciness of Monte Carlo.

Here is the famous Monte Carlo casino.

I find mirrors everywhere.

I love the juxtaposition of this really old church under the overpass.
Catching the train back to Nice.

I enjoyed the funny signs that indicated where you can talk on your cell phone.
When we got back to Nice we only had a short time before we had to catch the last train home so we basically ran to the beach. We couldn't go to Nice without seeing the beach.

And here it is. Gabe, of course, jumped in the water in all his clothes, while the rest of us just put our feet in. The water was super warm.

And then we had to run back to catch our train.

Qiana and I had very tired feet when we finally got back to the train station.
It rained on the way home. It was a crazy, crazy day, but I am so glad we did it, cause now I can say I have been to Monaco!

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