Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I love the Sonoma coast!

On Saturday Gabe and I went to the beach together for the first time this summer. I can't believe that we haven't been yet since we tend to go all the time. I feel so lucky to live so close to such an amazing part of the country. We went to School House Beach, which coincidentally was the sight of our very first date. The beach is not made of sand, but of tons of tiny, beautiful stones. They get all stuck in your shoes and make for an interesting walk, but I love them anyway.

Gabe found this piece of metal (?) that looked like it had been melted. It is very pretty, but part of me worries that it is toxic waste of some kind.
We tried for about ten minutes to get a picture of the waves crashing into Gabe, and when I finally gave up and put the camera down, a huge one came and landed right on him.
School House beach is known for it's tide pools so of course I took a ton of pictures of weird sea creatures.

Gabe tried to take a nap but I kept bugging him by taking silly photos.

On the way back we stopped in Bodega, which is the cutest little town. These buildings are kinda famous for being in the Hitchcock film "The Birds". We were making fun of tourists for taking pictures of them, but then I realized they had the right idea. They are really pretty buildings. I'm so used to seeing them all the time that sometimes I forget.

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qiana said...

you are the worlds most amazing photographer.