Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New tattoo!

Last Saturday I finally got a new tattoo. I have been wanting one for a while but just couldn't decide what to get. Many of my friends have tattoos of the state of California, which I just love. California is definately home to me and I love everything about living here. So I wanted to get that, but I wanted it to be pretty and colorful too. My friend Jared, who is a great tattoo artist (and just a great artist in general) drew me this awesome pretty flowery picture that I just fell in love with. My good friend Jenn got the same tattoo (almost) cause, why not? You shouldn't waist such a good tattoo on only one person.

I wanted to go first cause I was a little nervous. I have other tattoos, but it has been a long time and I've never gotten one this big before. Jenn took all these photos of me. Here I am waiting anxiously for the pain.

It really didn't hurt very bad once he started.

Gabe came by and sat in the corner to watch.

Jenn's turn!

This is the "he's doing the flower on the back of my arm and it hurts real bad" face.

Jenn got some little filigrees that weren't on mine. We had to show our independence somehow.

Jared took this picture and since he says he is not very good at taking photographs I will blame him for the fact that I look pregnant. I'm not. Just a little chubby. And tired.
The west coast is the best coast! I love my tattoo, and I love that one of my best friends has the same one!


Jenn said...

we rule. it's true!

becky said...

sweet tattoos! you gals do rule.