Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Sewards get together finally!

On Saturday my family (or, most of us) got together to spend the afternoon with my dad, John, and his wife Candace, whom we never see cause they live in Tennessee now. It was a good day. I love to be reminded how awesome my family is (except for the part about being a bunch of cynical nutjobs), and I hadn't seen my dad in quite a while so, you know, it was great. We spent the day in petaluma (where my mom lives and Gabe was recording that day).

Gabe and John. I like seeing them together.

I made everyone pose for some family "portraits". We have top to bottom, left to right: Kay (my brother Morgan's girlfriend), Morgan, Gabe, John (dad), Susan (mom), me, Jason (other brother):

We were only missing Star (sister), James (brother in law), Tristan (nephew), Dale (niece), Candace (step mom), and Rita (Jason's girlfriend). When did life get so complicated?

The same day I took these photos of Santiago (Gabe's band) inside the Sunset Line and Twine building in Petaluma (more on that later). Not a bad looking group of dudes:

Stay tuned for hella pictures of a bunch of weird junk!

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