Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jessamyn's birthday

August 1st was my friend Jessamyn's birthday and we had a great girls' day out in the city (I guess I seem to spend a lot of time in San Francisco). We went to the Kabuki Springs and Spa which has a beautiful communal bath house. Jessamyn had a massage while I and my friends Dani and Jenn sat in the sauna and warm tub for hours. I don't have a bath tub at home so I rarely get the chance to feel that pampered. It felt great. See Dani and Jenn (above) ready for their naps afterward. I couldn't photograph inside (you know, cause of all the naked people) but there were lovely details even outside.

They validated our parking and we all laughed at how their validation was just a few imperceptable smudges. The garage accepted it, though.
Of course lunch was in order after all that laying around so we walked into Japantown and ate at a noodle house. Yum!
Dani, who is a vegetarian but occasionally eats fish, was craving protein and ordered the seafood soba noodles.
She was a little freaked out by the tenticles, but as you can see Jessamyn had no qualms about eating them.
After lunch we needed something sweet so we ducked into a little bakery around the corner.

I just love the pretty rows of Mochi.
We went into this cute store full of little knick knacks. I kinda hate having stuff like that in my house, but I love to look at it in stores.

Why is it so funny to take pictures of ourselves using the (free) pay toilet? We are dorks.

We of course had to do a little shopping so we went to my favorite clothing store ever. H&M! I discovered this store when i visited New York City four years ago. They just opened one (no, two!) in San Francisco last year and i go all the time. Cheap, fashionable clothes. I took some pictures of myself in the dressing room.
I really wanted this sweater but it was too expensive.
One more trip to the toilet (this time the door malfunctioned and wouldn't close for me. Dani stood in front of it trying to take a picture of me peeing. Luckily she couldn't figure out how to use my camera), back to the car, and homeward bound.
What a great day. I love my girlfriends.

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jessamynit said...

that was a great day! I'd love to do it again, like every single day.

thanks for the super flattering photo of me with the tentacle. no, seriously,thanks for taking pictures.

that dude in the baseball cap in that last picture had to use that toilet REAL BAD.